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Our Lab Equipment

A digital differential pressure meter displaying 198.2 kPa on its screen. The device includes various buttons for functions such as reset, hold, and units. The background features the PCE Instruments logo, which includes stylized initials "PCE" and the company name.
A compact benchtop laboratory centrifuge with a digital display showing speed and time controls. Below the image is the logo and text "AUXILAB S.L. Material de laboratorio. Laboratory supplies.
A hand wearing a glove is operating a laboratory instrument with a blue display screen, displaying data. Below the instrument is the logo for Oxford Instruments.
Image of a laboratory instrument with a digital display, numerous buttons, and a connected funnel apparatus labeled BWB Technologies. The device appears to be used for precise measurements or chemical analyses.
A rectangular laboratory device with a digital display screen and keypad on the top right side. The device is labeled "EMCLAB instruments Germany" in blue and white. The EMCLAB logo appears below the device.
Two laboratory analytical instruments from ECH Elektrochemie Halle are displayed with various chemical bottles and ampoules. The brand's logo and name are prominently shown underneath the instruments.
Handheld Raman, measurement instruments, methods and software, for chemical identification, from sampling to decision making.
VITEK 2 COMPACT machine in white and blue colour with digital display and BIOMERIEUX logo on that.
An analytical laboratory setup featuring a Quantitator, EIECID, ON-line Derivatization, HPLC Clean Up, and other labeled components. The text "A World First Breakthrough", "GIBNIK Analytical Solutions," and brand names like "KONIK," "TRIPLE," "ANALYZER," and "K2Q2" are visible.
Image of a Scan® 1200, an automated colony counter used in microbiology laboratories, with its lid open and a petri dish inside. In the background, a monitor displays an image of a petri dish with bacterial colonies. The text reads "interscience for microbiology.
A laboratory equipment with multiple small glass containers inside, labeled "Multivap 10" by LabTech. The lid of the machine is open, revealing its interior components. Below the machine is the LabTech logo with red and black text.

Corporate Profile

Founded in 2010, Apex Instrument is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with two regional offices and a number of distribution outlets across the MENA region. It is a leading provider of laboratory instruments & equipments in Dubai.

Apex Instrument has been working with the following range of brands such as, Auxilab S.L., Oxford Instruments,, BWB Technologies, EMC Lab Instruments, ECH Electrochemie Halle, GIBNIK Analytical solutions, Interscience, Labtech srl to ensure that clients have the best available resources to meet their critical laboratory needs

A row of microscopes on a long, dark countertop in a laboratory setting. Each microscope is angled similarly, with eyepieces and objective lenses clearly visible. The background is slightly blurred, emphasizing the focus on the microscopes.
Many chemical laboratory instrument are shoeing and that are showing with blurness

With an unrivaled support structure that includes manufacturer-certified service and training centers, Apex Instrument is the preferred choice for companies in a wide range of industries including, clinical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, Paints, Polymer, Chemical, environmental, and others.

In addition to a network of distinguished local agents, the Apex Instrument sales and service teams of over 20 professionals operates in various countries throughout the Middle East to ensure close reach to any laboratory.

Additionally, our headquarters in Dubai feature an extensive warehouse and operations hub that offers innovative logistics solutions for our partners and clients alike

We build ideas driven by future.

We understand how important it is for you to have the right products at the right time as any delays can bring the whole testing and research processes to a standstill. To ensure that everything is aligned with your time, cost and quality requirements, Apex Instrument is always available at your service with just a phone call or a message away, we ensure the goods are delivered in the fastest time possible. That helps us make the leading supplier of laboratory instruments and equipments.










Apex Instrument is proud to be partners with the industry’s best known manufacturers to provide our customers with a wide range of Chemicals, Glassware, Consumables and Instruments.

We have built up a reputation for sourcing excellent products that are backed with sound technical advice to our clients. Our friendly sales executives are well skilled to provide all kinds of specifications relating to a variety of products and services.

BRICS- Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates.
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